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Grand Master Rick Alemany has always taught his students to be "smart fighters". In this DVD, he goes beyond his physical techniques to explain the mental aspects of tournament sparring. He covers the importance of attitude, psychology and strategy, which are key components to any successful fighter.

Produced by Rick Alemany, Lyle Christie, Kris Christie,  Production and Post Production by Lyle Christie and Kris Christie.  Starring Rick Alemany, Louis Maldonado, Jonathan Johnson, and Paul Sheperd. © 2005 Rick Alemany.
All Rights Reserved.

This DVD offers the unique opportunity to learn from one of the all time greatest tournament fighters. Utilizing his talents as both a winning competitor and teacher, Grand Master Rick Alemany demonstrates and explains the sparring drills and techniques that made him a tournament champion in a career that spanned over two decades.

This DVD is invaluable to both teachers and students.

• Punching Techniques
• Kicking Techniques
• Sparring Drills
• Sparring Techniques
• Sparring Strategies
• Sparring Philosophy

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